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An Exemplary End Result

Tats are supplied with the highest finish and as the customer requires according to his/her desire.
Fixing is free of Charge.

The leading manufacturer & distributors of Bamboo Blinds Bamboo Cane Eratu blinds

Painted or colored tats in many sizes and in many kinds available at a reasonable prices.

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Bamboo Tats (External)

These can be fixed on doors and windows of outer walls to make them beautiful and to protect them from sun and rain. They can be coloured, applied with water base paints, totally covered with plastic sheets, vent sawed and seam sawed

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Bamboo Tats (Internal)

These tats with the required colours can be installed inside the building for ornamentation and for controlling temperature and for the ceiling too.

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Monsoon Tats

These are fixed in outside places as coverings and as ornamentations. They are clearly see-through, passes minimum sun light protects from rain.

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Eakle Tats, Rattan Tats and Talipot Palm inflorescence Tats
These are used as internal tats for beauty, as folding tats for protection and as curtain tats. They can be used as ornamental table mats.