Indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds.

All kind of Indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds suitable for wholly open places for sun and rain..easy lowering and raising. Life time up 10 years 

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It is in our family tradition beginning with our grandfather’s generation. The industry is much developed today with the use of modern technology.

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Monsoon Blinds

Completely prevents rain water coming in with strong winds and totally allows sunlight to come in Easy lowering and raising

- 02

Water Base Applied Outdoor Blinds

Suitable for wholly open places for sun and rain. Fungus and mold do not grow at all. Color does not change with time.

- 03

Coconut Ekel Indoor Blinds

Controls light and heat entering into the House. Gives a natural look that pleases the aesthetic senses. Life time up to 10 years. 


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take look how we mange our works. we care of your project start to end and take care of the tats with our full featured services. our satisfaction is customer satisfaction.

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